5 Things to know before booking Hotel

Hello everyone, we are living in the times of Coronavirus pandemic. Domestic tourism has started and states have started to welcome tourists and at the same time your safety is top priority. Now you can book your Hotel or holiday and we suggest 5 things to looks before finalizing it. What are those 5 things. Let us tell you and here they are:

1. Location of Hotel: Location of your Resort or Hotel is really important. The place where you are staying must be away from crowd, market, police station, etc. Find a place that is close to nature must be facing garden, river side, beach side, mountains, etc.

2. Standard of Hotel: Standard of your Hotel or Resort is very important. You must not book cheap and budget Hotels. They might say or claim that they will take care of your safety and hygiene but they can’t afford it. So book a nice, decent comfortable Hotel. It must be 4* or 5* because they have open spaces, clean room, excellent services so you can rely on them.

3. Hygiene & Sanitation: That is the need of the hour so please do check the hygiene of the Hotel. It should be regularly sanitized, washrooms must be clean, and there should be a proper disinfection process. This can only be assured by good quality Hotels.

4. Room type: How your room looks is really important make sure you check photos of room while booking the Hotel. It should have enough space, it should have balcony, and it should have proper air ventilation process.

5. Reviews: Do check reviews on the Trip Adviser website of hotel in which you are going to stay. From the reviews we get an idea about the rating and feedbacks of the hotel given by clients. Trip Adviser is the best website to get reviews.

That’s it. These five things that will assure your safety, comfort and positive experience.  So if you want to book a Hotel or Holiday then either you can yourself by going through these five things or if you want to take all the hassle away from yourself then contact us at 9871340295 or office@wemusttravel.in. We are Covid prepared and will take care of all these things to make sure your travel is safe and wonderful.

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