Our 3 Favourite Travel Quotes

Let us share our three favourite quotes on travel.

1. First is “Once a year go someplace you have never been before” which was said by Dalai Lama. Yes we must travel a new destination or place at least once in a year. I truly agree and really love this quote.

2. Second is “Its better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. The writer is unknown to me but what a wonderful line that is. We keep hearing and seeing some places which we really love so why don’t we travel and experience it firsthand. I remember since my childhood I was a big fan of NZ. The pictures of that country always excited me and luckily in mid 20s I was lucky to spend three amazing years of my life. So if u really enjoying seeing or hearing about a place then you must visit it.

3. Third is “Travel is more than seeing of sights; it’s a change that goes on deep and permanent in the ideas of living. It was said by Miriam Beard and quite intellectual it is. When we travel seriously and meaningfully we learn so much from it. Yes we visit sites and take pictures and put of social media. That’s great but travel is beyond, its brings a change or shift in our perspective or mindset and start respecting other cultures and appreciate differences. This is the change that travel brings a permanent changes in our ideas and that’s what the author means.

So these were our favourite travel quotes and now please tell us your favourite travel quotes. Please comment below and let us know. We will wait for your comments.

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