We do not claim to be a different travel company because we are also selling same products like other travel companies BUT YES we work differently and uniquely. We do not sell the standard products and rather focus of different and out of the box style of products.

When we started our journey the idea and mission was simple – To provide excellent travel experience with exceptional customer service. Since our first booking we are giving excellent travel experience to our clients by giving the best programs that are different from standard tours. We plan a holiday with high quality product that has a decent accommodation, a dash of adventures, exciting sightseeing, special moments, exquisite excursions, exotic locations and few surprises that become highlight of the tour.

Our clients ask us what makes WMT different from other travel companies. Here are a few of the factors that we believe set us apart from our competitors and form the reasons as to why our clients travel with us and refer us to their contacts:


We have personally visited the destinations we are selling which gives us an edge over our competitors. Our expertise of specific destinations (Asia & Oceania) gives us immense confidence, focus and power to sell our products effectively. We bring our in depth knowledge and first hand travel experiences to help our clients make their dream holidays come true. We believe in giving accurate, practical and valuable travel advice to our clients.


We always believe travel is beyond sightseeing or photography; its more about meeting locals, taking local transport, trying local cuisines, visiting a village, meeting students at a school, exploring countryside, visiting markets, joining cooking classes, etc. We give utmost importance to authentic, real and local experiences rather staged or regular tours.

It’s not about the number of places you have been to or your travel to nearby places or far off; it’s more about creating meaningful experiences and everlasting memories wherever whenever you travel. In our programs we allow you to totally immerse yourself in the culture and environment of a place and very soon you feel lost in it. We always focus on immersive and meaningful travel that leaves memories of lifetime in you mind.


We firmly believe in offering high quality products and excellent services to our clients. Our itineraries are prepared with focus on NO compromise on quality and this is the reason we carefully choose our Hotels and local suppliers we work with. Our choice of Hotel, vehicle for transportation, vehicle driver, local English speaking guide, etc are selected with quality and professionalism in mind. We have a strong commitment towards our promised services and clients’ satisfaction.


We offer products that have full value for money. We design holidays based on our clients’ interests, likes and budget. Our selection of Hotels, choice of transportation and different parts of services are meticulously worked upon while planning any holiday. This is the reason our clients come back to us time and again. We deeply understand the value of hard earned money so design programs that are suitable and worth spending money on.


We believe in an honest, upfront pricing structure so you know exactly what the tour will cost before you book. We clearly highlight our inclusions & exclusions to make sure there is no confusion in pricing. It’s important for our clients to know the total tour cost for a holiday in advance. There is no hidden cost involved in our quotations and our prices are all inclusive.


We strongly believe in responsible & sustainable travel so we create itineraries with focus on it. Whether its honeymoon, wildlife, cultural or leisure holiday we give utmost priority to sustainability. We make sure our team and suppliers adhere to responsible tourism. Protecting and conserving our pristine environment and its Eco system is our duty and we also highlight its importance to our clients.