5 Reasons Why we must stay in good quality Hotels?

If you stay in a good Hotel you will have great memories, if you stay in a poor Hotel you will have pathetic memories. This is what we always tell to my clients and friends.

We see so many people choose to stay in budget Hotels over decent Hotels to save money. Later they regret and complain about their bad experience. So is that a good idea? We think NO. Here are 5 reasons why WE must stay in good quality Hotels:

  1. For Unique & great experience: When you go on a trip you spend money and time. So you definitely want every travel experience to be great and remembered lifelong. There are many factors involved like destination you choose, people who travel with, activities you do and most important is the kind of Hotel you stay in. So your Hotel plays a key role in making your overall travel experience great. If your Hotel is wonderful that’s an icing on cake.
  1. Safe & Hygienic Stays: Your safety is top priority so on a trip you definitely want to take all the safety precautions. Only decent Hotels will guarantee sanitized environment, clean Room, neat bedding & items, disinfected washroom and trained staff who indulge in safe practices.
  1. Excellent services & facilities: Only in good Hotels you will find high level of services and facilities like 24 x 7 front desk, Free Wifi, gym, pool, gardens, indoor games, bar, multi cuisine restaurants, laundry, rooms service, spa, etc.
  1. Warm Hospitality: The kind of hospitality you get at excellent Hotels is none to others. The warm welcome on arrival, greetings, extended help during check-in & check-out, friendly & polite staff, smiling faces and people who will go an extra mile to help you. There is famous line – It’s the people you meet who make your vacation memorable.
  1. Food & Comfort: Two things are very important – the quality of food and level of comfort. There is a famous quote – Travel and food goes hand in hand. You definitely want to eat healthy & fresh food during your travel. At night you want best comfort, privacy and peace so that you can sleep well.

So these were the 5 reasons.  Now you might be thinking is it affordable? Yes its absolutely affordable. There are deals running, promotional offer and TA have special rates so you can contact them. Ask yourself how many times you go on a trip in a year. 3 or 4 or maximum 5? So for these few trips you can certainly afford it.

So next time you plan a trip please make sure try good quality Hotels and if you need our help feel free to contact WMT at 9871340295 or office@wemusttravel.in. We will help you in finding the right Hotel for you.

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