Village Day Tour – A Rural Retreat

Mahatma Gandhi once said the future of India lies in its villages. Yes the rural population of India is around 70% so the majority of Indians live in villages. Have you ever seen a real Indian village? If not then why not visit a village to experience it? This is the right opportunity and best time for you to experience an authentic rural day tour. The villages of India hold their own distinct charm and have a special attraction in their simplicity and traditional lifestyle. The simple and plain lifestyle of villages has ample reasons to mesmerize urban dwellers. We all want to see a different world then why not visit villages which are diametrically opposite to cities. We have a very unique and interesting village tours that no one can match and conduct. We organize your visit to a village where you experience the true Indian spirit and enjoy their daily activities & rituals. It is also a great way to get out of city and enjoy the simple life with fresh air in beautiful surroundings. This tour will certainly take you back in time.

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We organize the best authentic rural village day tour from Delhi. We take you to see the unknown, untapped and unfamiliar India. We take our clients to a real village rather than a themed and commercialized village. Come on board and spend a day in lap of nature away from the hustle & bustle of cities. Visit a village to see its culture, daily life, customs, calmness and simplicity. It will give you an opportunity to uncover the origins of India’s culture and traditions.

This day tour will help you in learning about how the majority of Indians live. Escape the chaos & crowd of Delhi and get a unique glimpse of rural life in India.

Here is the itinerary of our day tours:

0800 hrs: Pick up from your Hotel in Delhi and we drive 60 Km north of Delhi in Uttar Pradesh state.

1000 hrs: Arrive in Chajjupur village

On our tour you will see and experience:

Walking tour – On your arrival you will be taken for a walking tour in the narrow alleys and around the village to see village & its surroundings. Wander around the village and enjoy the stunning views.

Bullock cart ride : Experience a 15 minutes bullock cart ride in the narrow streets of village

Jaggery making process: You will learn how jaggery is made from sugarcane. Of course you will taste it

Mustard fields: See and take picture in blooming & yellow coloured mustard fields

Canal flowing through farms: Take a selfie on the banks of a quiet canal that meets River Ganges

Cotton making process: See the process of weaving cotton into threads

Sugarcane fields: Feel the village ambience by taking a walk into wide spread sugarcane fields

Mango Orchards: This is where you will get most excited. See and pick mangos in abundant mango orchards

Fruit & Vegetable plantations: See various plantations like papaya, brinjal, cucumber, potato, guava, etc plantations

Farm lands & Agricultural fields: You are visiting a village fully covered by agricultural and farm lands

Home cooked lunch at a local family: Have a pure Indian delicious lunch on the rooftop of a local house

Old mud & brick houses: See centuries old house which you will never find in cities

Tube wells for irrigation: Drink the running freshest form of water and maybe go for a bath in cool water

Rural domestic activities: See locals busy in their daily activities

Numerous cattle: You will also get to see numerous cattle like Cows, Buffaloes, Horses, Ox, etc.

Tractor Ride – a popular vehicle used in farms for cultivation and transportation. Perhaps you may try a tractor ride

Opportunity to visit a school: If schools are open you must see students in their dress getting education

Temple visit: Visit a divine Hindu temple at the eastern end of the village

Spend time with locals in their houses: You will enter inside local houses and can interact with them. You will get to know about their struggle and lives. It’s always a great feeling to see new faces.

You will surely have an opportunity to interact with villagers. You will get a proper insight into the world of villagers – the way they live, cook food, their culture and traditions that will leave a distinct impression in your mind.

1600 hrs: Depart back to Delhi

1800 hrs: Drop off at your Hotel in Delhi


Included: Return transportation in a private vehicle with driver, all sightseeing as per the the details mentioned in the tour above, local English speaking tour guide and lunch (local home cooked meal)

Excludes: Meals not included above, gratuities and any expense of personal nature.

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